To influence or to blog?

Influencer or blogger? Ella, a studio muse cat, is undecided. While she challenges you to the question, she'll sniff the paper flowers and wait for the definitive moment. Flowers and DIY pinhole camera by L.S. King.Influencer. That’s what the kids are calling bloggers these days. Okay, maybe it’s not the kids, but those in the communications world who have deemed it the proper and classy terminology for bloggers.Influencer. Is that me? Is that who I am? Possibly. The word makes me wonder at the seemingly lack of humbleness it invokes if I were to describe myself that way. It seems like a phrase you would used to describe someone else. It sounds so hipster, so millennial, so defined, so categorized. So then does the idea really apply?This is an interesting question to ponder on this first post of a new blog. I guess the proof will be in the pudding – bread pudding, preferably, even if it’s not gluten conscious.And what’s the metaphorical pudding I’m going to serve here on the Path? The current recipe is flavored with photography and printmaking (processes in the works and completed projects), a cup or many of amazing artists interviews, a few tablespoons of hypnosis (mostly my self-hypnosis audios I use for my own pursuits of happiness), and perhaps, if I can conquer my video fears, a DYI tutorial or two.The whole idea of creating this blog stems from my current journey through a mid-life crisis of starting a new MFA degree program in studio arts at Radford University. I’m in for a while, as I’m also working full time at said university. My concentration is in photography and printmaking (and go ahead, throw in book processes as well). And because I’ve been an artist for over 25 years, I have amazing art friends you’ll have to meet. And oh, yeah, and I can’t leave out my other passion – hypnosis. So, my plan, which started back at, is to document and share all this. I just needed a clean page to begin properly.And as I put the plan into words and look back at it, I guess I can see it. There is the potential for creating influence.And now I ask you, what do you think? Are bloggers truly influencers? If you blog, do you consider yourself an influencer? I hope you’ll answer this and share your blog in the comments or social media (or heck, your own blog post with a link back so I can read it, please).