Keeping drawing in perspective with a hypnosis audio


Detail of fabric study drawing by L.S. King. It’s my third class for my MFA degree and it takes place every Monday and Wednesday. When it ends, I have to wash my hands otherwise I start looking like a coal miner for the rest of the day. I am taking a drawing class, Drawing I to be specific. And for those of you, old friends, who remember all those drawing classes from Shepherd, well I needed, shall we say, a refresher.Turns out Drawing I is super hard, but so far (even on the days I leave wishing it was beer o’clock already) the class is sublime and I blame that on my professor. But perhaps the subtext here should be – finding a good instructor is easier written than done. A few years ago, when Radford University was in the throes of hiring a new drawing professor, I went to all the candidates’ public lectures. I based my review of the candidates on if I thought I could, in a positive way, learn something from taking a class with them. At the time Brent Webb did his, I told myself, “Yes. I want to take his drawing class.” With his hiring, the idea has come to fruition.Fabric study drawing before the audio hypnosis.His theory is that drawing is a learnable skill and anyone can learn to do it (maybe the concept is like hypnosis – you have to be open to the idea). As for how well one manages to draw, that is an individual thing, too. Like any skill, the more you use it, the better you become at it.With all this, I have scrutinized myself and my rusty skill set. There has been a lot of improvements since the class started in January, but I’ve noticed key areas where a little boost (or less unintentional eraser marks on the paper) might help. I am very, very slow and getting everything in proportion, just so … is a challenge.I began to wonder if my transpersonal skills might help here – mainly self-hypnosis. This came about after I spent a solid day on a drawing. When I finished, the proportions were way off and I had totally lost the light source. Yes, I decided it was time to do create a new hypnosis audio.So, I created my script using suggestion to see clearly how shapes relate to one another in proportion and perspective. It’s all pretty simple stuff. Then I recorded it, listened to it, and have more or less followed it up with other self-hypnosis, such as daily affirmations.Has it helped? Sure. My speed at sketching out relationships between objects has improved and I can see proportional and perspective issues better, but getting them right still takes concentration and practice.So, I’ve decided to share my hypnosis audio. Feel free to give it a listen (there are no subliminals, I promise, just straight out suggestions for your subconscious).But, remember, this is for a specific issue – seeing shapes in their relationship to other shapes in the subject matter. And you should also have a basic knowledge of comparative measurements in drawing.Fabric drawing study after using the hypnosis audio.To learn more about this concept, I recommend Stan Prokopenka’s “Drawing Measuring Techniques:”

Click to download my mp3 hypnosis audio – N*tranced Subconscious Drawing School, Lesson 1. If you find you have good results, let me know. Also, if you have questions, I’ll try to answer them. And if you like the hypnosis audio, please share share it.