Artist Statement

 Subject and Concept

I am a child of stories, walking the fence line of yesterdays and now. Historical narratives both real and imaginary, along with aesthetics harkening to 20thcentury Pictorialism, inform my work. In telling visual stories, I am an antiquarian or time traveler – choosing landscapes with the limited constructs of modern society. Anything newer than half a century may be occasionally seen but only as a whisper, hinting at the present. Ever the year-hopping, daytripping, decade-crawling passenger in my Road Diaries adventures, I capture glimpses of scenery from the vantage point of a moving car. As the narrator, I delight in the visual surprise of latent images coming into being. The final results are the documentation of a hybrid moment between my subconscious and reality.


Process Statement

I use a process called direct-to-plate photopolymer gravure, in which I digitally print a positive image directly onto a light-sensitive photopolymer gravure plate using an Epson inkjet printer. I then expose the plate to UVa light, develop the exposed plate in water, and then re-expose it to UVa light to allow the polymer coating to harden. Once this occurs, I use an intaglio printmaking process. I ink the plate, put it on my etching press, and print it.